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Crossing The Line: Tales from The Entertainment Industry brings you a variety of guests who share their stories and experiences from across show business and entertainment. These include actors, directors, writers, casting directors, producers, production staff and many more. The show raises the curtain delivering a much broader view introducing the audience to what goes into bringing them their favourite films, stories, books, video games, television programmes and everything else within the Entertainment Industry.

Episode 25

Voice Over agent Maggie Kruger represents artists on behalf of Babble Voices for audiobooks, commercials, radio and more.

Episode 24

No matter your taste in cinema, you've likely seen Gabriel Byrne. But everyone recognises The Usual Suspects.

Episode 23

Adam James is well known on stage and screen with credits including Doctor Foster and I May Destroy You.

Episode 22

From historical drama Mr Turner, to award winning drama Vera Drake, Mike Leigh has had an incredible career.

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